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The mission of 1234 Eyecare & Optometric Center  is to provide the best non-surgical means of vision correction for both children and adults through Orthokeratology. Our clinic utilizes the finest equipment, the newest technology and the most fitting lens designs for each patient to achieve the best vision improvement. Our friendly, dedicated and highly trained staff is always happy to serve and help our patients through every step of the process.

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Our Clinical Director

Dr. Paul T. Woo O.D is the founder and clinical director of 1234 Eyecare & Optometric Center. He is one of the most experienced certified Orthokeratology doctors in the United States. Since 1988, Dr. Woo has treated over 9,000 patients and is still seeing and treating patients on a daily basis. Children as young as 5 years old have been treated by Dr. Woo. He has seen that by improving their vision and building their confidence the children see better and they often become more confident and outgoing. They are more sociable and also do better in school. Dr. Woo has helped many children no longer depend on their glasses and contact lenses during the day and over the years grow up and become successful in their profession and careers.


Dr. Woo has started and managed many eye clinics over the years that specialized in Orthokeratology. He was the first to introduce Orthokeratology to Taiwan which has one of the highest myopia population in the world. Although it was challenging in the beginning, Dr. Woo taught many doctors in Taiwan about Orthokeratology and helped them accept it as a viable means of myopia reduction and control. Today in Taiwan Orthokeratology is a widely accepted treatment option for children who are nearsighted. Dr. Woo continues to educate other doctors on Orthokeratology and serves as a consultant for a contact lens design company. He is the professional relations director and he helps others doctors and fitters with their patient’s with design and fitting. He travels and continues to lecture to other doctors around the world about Orthokeratology. To maintain close contact with the contact lens industry, Dr. Woo also serves as Executive Vice President for a rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens manufacturer. He is often consulted by other eye doctors who need assistance with difficult or challenging cases. He helps doctors and fitters trouble-shoot and he also presents seminars on fitting to many doctors all over the United States and many other Asian countries.


Dr. Woo graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Irvine and continued to get his Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern California College of Optometry. Since graduation he worked in many different modes of practice and finally started his own clinic in 1988. He always specialized in contact lenses and was already focused on Orthokeratology by 1990. As Orthokeratology evolved from day wear to night wear so did Dr. Woo. He was fitting pilots and firemen who wanted to pass vision testing requirements early in the 90’s. And now Dr. Woo is treating children who want to control their myopia from progressing and are able to see well all day by just wearing lenses when they sleep. With the new technology in materials and lens design, Dr. Woo is helping adults who do not want to wear reading glasses and highly nearsighted individuals that want to be free of glasses and contact lenses during the day.


The ultimate goal for Dr. Woo is to help as many people as he can with his experience and know-how of Orthokeratology. He wants to continue to work with other doctors to expand the acceptance and success of Orthokeratology. It is definitely possible that every person that can benefit from Orthokeratology would find assistance and be happier and more successful with their improvement in their vision.


Dr. Paul T. Woo O.D can be contacted at 8009918881

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